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Private Label Manufacturing and Kitting of Custom CBD Formulations

What is Private Label

The term Private Label is used to describe products that are manufactured by a company but marketed under another brand name. Private label offers the following benefits:

– Provides access to empowering technologies;
– Eliminates manufacturing infrastructure investment;
– Decreases marketing time;
– Tap into scientific manufacturing excellence;
– Ensures consistent product performance;
– Frees you to focus on your core expertise;
– Provides planning and logistics;
– Access to kitting and packaging.

Kitting and Packaging for CBD

Kitting is a process whereby related products derived from different manufacturer are packaged together and marketed as one complete unit. A customized kit contains all the individual items a customer needs to be assembled and shipped in one unit.

Kitting includes expertise in product development, formulation, processing, assembly, and packaging. Proficient handling of different product types brings together individual components in a skillfully designed total package. It offers comprehensive turnkey solutions for all your custom labelling, kitting, and packaging needs. Multiple levels of manufacturing are regulated in a controlled environment using advanced quality systems to provide:

– Reproducibility
– Convenience
– Cost savings
– Quality assurance

Kitting can be viewed in the same way as pre-assembly that involves bringing all the essential components together that are required to realize a certain product. Kitting refines the process of pre-assembly to provide an end-product in an easily usable form. Some of the major steps in the kitting process include:

– Packaging services such as shrink wrapping and blister packaging
– Material and order management
– Assembly line operations
– Component kit-building

Private Label Packaging

Blister Packaging For CBD Tablets

Blister packaging is one form of packaging that is ideal for use when individual capsules or tablets need protection. They also add an added level of protection from tampering and moisture. Types of blister packaging available are standard shapes as well as many different custom styles and shapes such as special cavity and multiple cavity shapes.

CBD Oil Bottle Packaging

Private label bottle packaging can be manufactured for almost any need and are particularly suitable for CBD oils, pills, and other formulations. Below are some of the options available:

– Private label bottles
– PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) bottles
– HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) bottles
– Glass
– Plastic

Bottles come in various stock colors or can be custom made in any colors. They come in any size from small to large with various mouth and neck sizes and with snap-on, threaded or flip-tops.

Folding Carton Packaging

Folding cartons can gives maximum visibility to a product and come in all sizes of blister and tuck boxes.

CBD Oil Drop Shipping adn Order Fulfillment Logistics

Logistics refers to the complicated process of managing the movement of products from manufacturers to consumers. Private label logistic services manage private label products that are assembled into kit form for marketing purposes. Logistics are best performed using simulation software. Quality logistic services ensure that products are delivered on time to customers.

What Role does Kitting Play in Private Label Production?

Kitting is particularly effective at adding value for consumers and end-users. Customer satisfaction is ensured with quality kitting. An extra benefit is the good relationships that are fostered for the company that is packaging private label products to be marketed under their own brand name.

Whether you are looking to start a new line of CBD or seeking to expand your existing stock, making use of Private Label manufacturing and kitting will provide you with hundreds of options for packaging and delivery methods. In addition you will have access to special formulas, ingredients and products, speedy production and shipping services for small or large quantities that will meet all your private label needs.

Custom formulations can be created to your exact specifications to ensure that all your formulation needs are met. From formulating a new product to enhancing current formulations you will be able to find the best kitting and packaging options for your particular product combination and business requirements.

For customers who are dealing with sub-assembled components, kitting can increase manufacturing efficiency by providing customers with products that are in just the right format. Manufacturers can leave the kitting company to deal with the packaging process leaving them free to focus on production.

At this point it becomes clear how the terms private label and kitting merge into one. On the one side is the company with the private label products that need to be marketed and on the other side the company that is able to market it under their brand name.

Logistic services come into play to manage the handle the manufactured goods and make sure that they reach the customer in good time.

In between the two processes kitting is used to provide added value to the manufactured products.

7 Steps of the Kitting Process

Set out below are the 7 simple steps involved in the kitting process:

1. An order is placed with the private label kitting company to perform certain activities on provided private label items.
2. Individual components needed are transferred from different warehouses to the kitting company in order to fulfill the order.
3. When all the components have been collected they are assembled and labeled.
4. Re-work, kitting, packing, and leaflet instruction are released and the work is completed.
5. The assembled components are transferred to a storage area where they are placed in quarantine.
6. The products are dispatched from the warehouse for final distribution.
7. The products are entered on a tracking system and distributed for delivery.

A typical kitting project would involve:

– Manufacturing the product;
– Printing and labeling;
– Making the packaging boxes;

Expand your Options by getting the Right Look

Packaging is the face your product shows to the world. Smart package design, whether it is your company logo, the shape of the box, or the color of the packaging effectively presents the image you would like to convey. With private label kitting you get more than just the quality of the product, you also get the benefits gained from the expertise and talent of a design and communications team that are highly experienced in delivering the right look for your products.
With smart kitting you can develop and deliver the message and look that works best for you on your packaging and product leaflets. Custom CBD Oil Kitting will provide you with the perfect product presented in a professional finish that will put your product in the best light.

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