The Side Effects of CBD Oil

What Are the Side Effects of CBD Oil?

Numerous studies have shown that CBD is much safer than some popular OTC and prescription drugs, and it comes with only a few mild side effects  Although minor, the side effects of CBD are real — especially when taken with other medications. At Royal CBD, we feel obliged to discuss them so that you get a full understanding of what you’re ingesting. Here are some possible adverse CBD reactions

1. Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is a common side effect of CBD oil; it’s typical of all cannabis products, whether derived from hemp or marijuana. That’s because cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, including CBD, inhibits saliva production. Luckily, you can quickly deal with this side effect by consuming plenty of fluids before, during, and after taking CBD oil. This will also prevent any dehydration.

2. Low Blood Pressure

Higher doses of CBD oil have been shown to cause a small drop in blood pressure. This may be troublesome for people taking medication for high blood pressure (causing blood pressure to drop too low) or those who have been diagnosed with little trouble. This side effect of CBD oil is often linked to a feeling of lightheadedness, which makes many people feel uncomfortable. If you can relate to any of the above cases, it’s necessary to consult with your doctor before consuming CBD products.

3. Dizziness

CBD affects everyone differently. Many factors come into play, such as gender, lifestyle, unique biochemistry, and CBD dosage. At lower doses, CBD is stimulating, improves focus, and has an uplifting effect on mood. Higher doses, on the other hand, can induce drowsiness. Dosages of about 100 mg of CBD per session will begin to produce sedative effects. If this is how high levels of cannabidiol affect you, it’s important not to work on heavy machinery or drive a vehicle for this state.

4. Diarrhea

This reaction is likely caused by the other ingredients in your CBD oil, as CBD has strong gastroprotective qualities. When the cannabinoid indirectly stimulates the ECS in the digestive tract, it decreases gastric acid levels. It improves blood flow in your stomach lining to speed up the regeneration processes. However, CBD is usually contained in a carrier oil, most often in MCT oil. The MCT oil can irritate the stomach lining and cause diarrhea when consumed in large amounts, so if you ingest way more CBD oil than an average user, you might want to switch to a different carrier, e.g., olive oil or emu oil.

5. Negative Interactions With Other Medications

Your liver is “equipped” with the cytochrome P-450 system that is responsible for metabolizing drugs. CBD can inhibit the system’s ability to process certain drugs, which can lead to higher levels of these substances in your body at one time. Consequently, this can cause unwanted side effects, and sometimes, an overdose on those drugs.

Can You Overdose on CBD Oil?

CBD and other cannabinoids are non-toxic, with no fatal overdose cases ever reported. It’s also impossible to overdose on CBD oil. According to a study from 2011, chronic use and high doses of up to 1,500 mg of CBD per day are well tolerated in humans. Moreover, the Department of Health and Human Services reports there are no signs of toxicity or serious side effects observed following chronic administration of cannabidiol to healthy volunteers, even in large acute doses of 700 mg per day. As you can see, there is strong evidence supporting CBD as a safe substance with only minor side effects. But as we said at the beginning of the article, CBD oil is safe only when obtained from a reputable source that shows a third-party certificate of analysis for their products.

The Dangers of Buying CBD Oil

There’s an abundance of poor-quality CBD oil manufactured by shady companies who want to cash in on the emerging market. For many customers, it’s challenging to get high-quality CBD oil on the first try. The main danger of buying CBD oil from an unknown source is inferior quality hemp. Being a bioaccumulator, hemp absorbs chemicals from the ground, such as lead and mercury. When grown in polluted soil, hemp significantly loses quality due to the presence of these contaminants. Besides, companies selling cheap CBD oil often use pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers during cultivation  which all end up in the final product. Low-quality CBD oil may also come with toxic solvent residue. The solvents used in such products are typically propane and butane, both of which are harmful to our health.

Final Thoughts on the Side Effects of CBD Oil

Scientists have concluded that CBD oil is safe for human consumption and comes with only a few minor side effects. While cannabinoids affect everyone a bit differently, it looks like the majority of CBD users can consume CBD oil without any adverse reactions. We always stress the importance of buying CBD products from a certified source. Here at Royal CBD, our certificates of analysis from third-party laboratories guarantee that what you buy is what you get, making your experience with cannabidiol entirely safe.